Greenland Paddles

You have seen them out there on the water: People in kayaks, a skinny stick in their hand. And you wondered about what was up with that kind of paddle.

Greenland Paddles evolved over centuries in the frigid waters of the Arctic. The Inuit seal hunters fine tuned their paddles to be highly efficient and easy on the body for the long haul, silent for a surprise approach to their prey and reliable for rolling, the ultimate self rescue technique and survival skill.

After a few decades of paddling whitewater influenced paddles, also known as Euro-style paddles, came the revival of this traditional paddle in sea kayaking. Paddlers all over the world are again appreciating all the qualities of Greenland Paddles in their kayaking adventures.

It’s time to give paddling with a stick a try.


Machaon Wood Creations

Machaon Wood Creations Greenland Paddles are hand made to order from one piece of locally sourced Western Red Cedar. Each piece of wood is carefully hand-selected for strength and beauty. For more information on materials used by Machaon Wood Creations click here.

We customize each paddle to the paddler’s body and boat measurements as well as paddling style and intended use. Read more here.

Machaon Wood Creations offers the options of fiberglass reinforced tips as well as hardwood tips with fiberglass for even more protection against dings and dents.

Make your Machaon Wood Creations Greenland Paddle truly your own with custom artwork in woodburning or colour. Please visit our gallery to see some of our customer’s paddles.



Try before you buy!

Machaon Wood Creations has a set of demo paddles in four different sizes available for a test paddle.

Please contact us for an appointment.